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Can I Give My Kids Money Now? Accelerated Inheritance Considerations

By Brett Gottlieb As parents, we all want to provide for our children and set them up for the highest success. But what happens when we consider giving them money…

The High Price of Waiting to Plan for Your Financial Future

By Brett Gottlieb Saving for retirement can seem like a distant dream compared to your other obligations. Waiting to save for retirement comes at a hidden cost—which could leave you…

Bad News Sells: What the Media Doesn’t Tell You About Investing and Financial Planning

By Brett Gottlieb In our fast-paced 21st-century world, the media feeds us with information 24/7. We all would agree it has played a critical role in keeping us up to…

How Much Are You Losing in Idle Cash?

By Brett Gottlieb Does a large cash balance in your bank account evoke feelings of confidence and assurance? In spite of these positive feelings that come from seeing a sizable…

Don’t Pay More in Taxes Than You Should: These Are the Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

By Brett Gottlieb Tax season is here—and the last thing you want after the inflation and volatility of 2022 is to pay more in taxes than you should. Unfortunately, because…

Don’t Leave the IRS a Tip: The Importance of Tax Planning and Reviewing Your Return

By Brett Gottlieb Are you ready for tax season? Far too many of us only think about taxes during the annual filing season, but one of the most effective ways…


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