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My Three Favorite Restaurants In San Diego County

There is nothing like living in San Diego County. There are plenty of beaches for locals and residents to enjoy. Sunny skies and ocean breezes are available all year round.…

We’re Never Too Busy To Help Someone You Care About

How many of your decisions are determined by money? How often do financial concerns keep you up at night? As much as we hate to admit it, money often drives…

4 Things To Do When You Turn 59½

If you’re nearing the big 6-0, don’t worry about it. Sixty is the new 40. When I take a walk on the beach, it’s impressive how often I see surfers…

The 2019 Social Security Benefit Guide

Are you planning on Social Security making up a significant portion of your retirement income? If so, you’re in the same boat as 60% of American retirees. (1) With a…

How To Prepare For Tax Season

By Brett Gottlieb and John Mc Kean If given a choice between the two, would you rather file your taxes or go without your phone for a week? There is…


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