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Your 2022 Social Security Guide

By Brett Gottlieb The years before retirement can be an overwhelming time. You may be excited to start a new chapter of your life, stressed about how to make it happen, and confused about the Social Security process. It can be especially difficult when it seems like everyone else has it figured out except you.…

Could a Donor-Advised Fund Save You Money on Taxes?

By Brett Gottlieb Can you think of one person who doesn’t want to minimize their taxes and be generous at the same time? Neither can I. Donor-advised funds could be a great option to lower your taxable income, which will then decrease the amount you pay in taxes and simultaneously give more money to causes…

Your Tax-Preparation Checklist

By Brett Gottlieb With everything the past two years have thrown at us, the last thing you probably feel like doing is thinking about taxes. But, like it or not, tax season is here, and the better prepared you are, the sooner you can shake off that stress and spend your time doing what you…

Why You Should Consider Sending Your RMDs Straight to a Charity

By Brett Gottlieb If you’re like many of our clients, you live generously. You know that the world goes far beyond just you and your family and you want to leave your mark on it, making a difference when and how you can. You are grateful for the opportunities you have received and want to…

Jump-Start Your Financial Plan for 2022!

By Brett Gottlieb Were you glad to say goodbye to 2021? Considering that our high hopes for 2021 didn’t quite pan out, a new year can be overwhelming to think about. While on this slow road back to “normal,” the good news is that there are actionable steps you can implement to take back control…

What Should You Do About Inflation and Stock Market Volatility?

By Brett Gottlieb After a three-year rally, the financial markets have been down for seven straight days, marking their worst slide since the pandemic decline in March of 2020.[1] Monday’s market dip put the S&P 500 down over 10%, which is officially called a “correction” on Wall Street.[2] In addition to the stock market decline,…


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