A great investment firm takes an investment approach that strikes the most attractive balance between achieving superior returns and managing downside risk. Since our firm's inception, Comprehensive Advisor has employed a time-tested institutional approach to successfully navigate the world's volatile financial markets.


Our Investment Approach

The core elements of our firm's investment approach focus upon:

  • Asset Allocation & Diversification -- creating the optimal blend among various asset classes and strategies.
  • Active Management -- through monitoring, re-balancing, and extensive research, making changes in client portfolios to improve their potential for higher returns and/or lower risk.
  • Independent Oversight -- full transparency and objective unbiased advice. All of the assets we manage are held in a separate custodial account and further protected through regular audits, reviews, regulatory examinations, and performance reports.


Asset Allocation & Diversification


The most effective way to seek attractive returns while managing risk is through broad, strategic portfolio diversification. Comprehensive Advisor carefully constructs client portfolios to provide exposure to a number of distinct asset classes and strategies. While the specific exposures and asset mix are customized for each client, portfolios typically include allocations to:

  • Stocks -- U.S. and foreign markets, larger and smaller companies, and managers following distinct "value," "core," and "growth" styles of investing;
  • Bonds -- High quality U.S., foreign, and municipal bonds, normally of short and intermediate-term maturities; and
  • Alternative Assets -- a number of strategies that typically do not move in tandem with the traditional stock and bond markets. Clients may have exposure to real estate, natural resources and other commodities, conservative hedge funds, high-yield bonds, tactical asset allocation strategies, and private equity (where suitable).


Active Management


This investment approach is implemented by selecting investment options with managers that are not only responsible for decision-making and implementation of their investment decision, but they are also fully accountable. The Investment Managers aim for an above-average investment performance and always strive to generate attractive returns for their investors. This applies across the economic cycle regardless of the market environment. The portfolio managers pursue these objectives by selectively using opportunities in the relevant market environment while always taking into account optimum diversification by asset classes and styles. Risks are taken strictly and exclusively on a calculated basis. The portfolio managers' assessments are based exclusively on buy side analyses, thus ruling out conflicts of interest.


Independent Oversight


As an independent, fee-only advisor, Comprehensive Advisor is positioned to provide objective, unbiased advice. We do not receive commissions, "soft dollars," or fees from third parties, and do not sell any investment products. The absence of a conflict of interest in the investments we recommend enables us to make all of our investment decisions strictly on their merits. Our one and only allegiance is to our clients and their best interests.

We are an independent financial services firm helping individuals create retirement strategies using a variety of investment and insurance products to custom suit their needs and objectives.

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